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Baby Brights

Book1I was super excited to receive a package addressed to Snowfall Studio today. The packaged contained an absolutely darling book called Baby Brights, compiled by Kathleen McCafferty. My fish rattle pattern is included, as are some of the cutest baby items that I’ve ever seen. If you are an avid crochet fan, I highly recommend you pick up a copy.


Happy Spring!

I’ve finally escaped from the pile of nursing textbooks that has held me captive since January. Finals are not fun, especially pharmacology… but I’m happy that this semester’s 20-credits worth of classes are ending.

Truthfully, Snowfall Studio has been a faint glimmer off in the distance, but I can feel my creativity beginning to thaw from the long, cold winter. Look for some new designs in the not-too-distant future.

Until then, enjoy the warmth of spring!

Goodbye, Custom

I’m excited to announce that Snowfall Studio will be undergoing some important changes in 2015. These will be announced in a couple of stages throughout the month of December.

The first important announcement is: goodbye, custom orders.

The last day to purchase a custom order in Snowfall Studio’s Etsy shop will be December 7, 2014. There will be no custom orders available after this date, so if you want to customize a mermaid doll or immortalize your cat in yarn, now is the time!

The Stitchin’ Post

Exciting news!

Snowfall Studio’s hair clips are now available at The Stitchin’ Post in Lexington, Virginia!

Heart Barrettes

Lots of different styles are in stock, such as crocheted flowers, hearts, and pumpkins… with lots more designs to come. The clips vary from small silver plated clips (perfect for fine hair), large silver plated hair clips, and french style barrettes (ideal for thicker hair).



Pure Wool

I try to live a healthy lifestyle. Natural foods, physical activity, vegetarianism, moderation, and meditation are important to me.

While committed to using natural fibers – primarily super soft wool yarn – to make my dolls and toys, I’ve decided that it’s time to take it one step further. As a result, all of the newly created items in my Etsy shop will be stuffed with 100% wool. In addition, wool stuffing will be standard on all custom listings.

I have decided to use pure virgin wool, where no dyes, bleaches, fire retardants, or other chemicals are used in the processing of the wool. Wool is natural, biodegradable, naturally fire retardant and it stays fluffy with use. Wool also inhibits the growth of bacteria and doesn’t hold moisture, causing mold.

Since making the switch, I’ve noticed several changes. My toys feel softer, warmer, and more cuddly. I’ve made several for my daughters to test the durability of the wool stuffing, and the toys have withstood the test of lots of loving!

Irish Sheep

Happy Spring! It’s good to be home after nearly two weeks in England and the Republic of Ireland. The Irish are blessed to live in such a beautiful country!

Coast of Ireland

The Irish are also delightfully friendly. The evening before our departure, the lovely neighbors brought over some Irish soda bread to have for breakfast the next morning. I was touched by their thoughtfulness.

The sheep in Ireland are awesome, too. It’s common to see them grazing on a patch of grass above an ocean-side cliff or on a steep hillside. My youngest daughter claims their wool makes them stick like velcro.

Irish Sheep

During our visit, I was so inspired by the sheep and cows that I stocked up on black and white Irish wool yarn.

Just for fun, here’s a photo of some Irish Dairy cows. These particular ladies were our neighbors at Knocknahoe, and they provide milk for Cadbury Chocolate.

Irish Cows

Currently, I’m working on designing new patterns, so expect to see lots of wool sheep in my shop soon… and maybe some cows!

Welcome to Snowfall Studio

Hi there! Welcome to Snowfall Studio, a place to find sweet and sturdy handmade toys!

As an artisan and a mom, my goal is to create toys that are soft, colorful, and durable. I design my own patterns, and I am committed to using natural fibers. Every Snowfall Studio plushie is crocheted, hand sewn, and hand embroidered by me in my small studio.

Choosing handmade is awesome because of the personal connection between the customer and the craftsperson. My customers are invited to personalize their orders in a way that is meaningful to them, through choosing unique colors and/or altering the design.

More Snowfall Studio designs are available in my Etsy shop.

Please feel free to contact me to request a special order. Together let’s create a heirloom that is as unique and special as your child!

Thank you for visiting Snowfall Studio!
♥ Kristen

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