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Goodbye, Custom

I’m excited to announce that Snowfall Studio will be undergoing some important changes in 2015. These will be announced in a couple of stages throughout the month of December.

The first important announcement is: goodbye, custom orders.

The last day to purchase a custom order in Snowfall Studio’s Etsy shop will be December 7, 2014. There will be no custom orders available after this date, so if you want to customize a mermaid doll or immortalize your cat in yarn, now is the time!

Did You Know

Rainbow Owls

Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament?

My studio is on the way to being filled with a psychedelic parliament of my own creation. These little plush owls are so much fun to make that I can’t seem to stop. The more colorful, the better!

Shades of Pink Owl

Custom listings include the option to choose either a baby toy or a toy for child. Both are similar designs, but the baby toy has a rattle and black embroidered eyes for safety. The child’s toy has black safety eyes and no rattle.

Rainbow Blue Owl

Look for more to come in my Etsy shop!