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Goodbye, Custom

I’m excited to announce that Snowfall Studio will be undergoing some important changes in 2015. These will be announced in a couple of stages throughout the month of December.

The first important announcement is: goodbye, custom orders.

The last day to purchase a custom order in Snowfall Studio’s Etsy shop will be December 7, 2014. There will be no custom orders available after this date, so if you want to customize a mermaid doll or immortalize your cat in yarn, now is the time!

To Be Published

Hola! There has been some excitement in Snowfall Studio’s Etsy shop. Besides a plethora of new designs, one of my most popular patterns will be published in a crochet book. More news to follow!

Here is a sample of the new designs available:



And an update to a favorite:


Remember, any toy seen here can be customized to your specifications.

Happy Spring!

Striped Cats

Last night, my son & I watched the movie The Hunger Games. If you’ve seen it, you know that it is a very tense movie. I found myself crocheting furiously, in tempo with the action scenes. Heh. Apparently I’ve stumbled across the secret to getting more accomplished in a day – adrenaline!

Stripey Cats

With my slightly obsessive personality, I’m currently addicted to crocheting these cute kitties. Mostly in a stripey pattern and often with a rainbow of colors.

Rainbow Cat

Look for lots of stripes in my online shop!

Gray Cat

The cat pattern has been slightly updated and improved, so I’m working on crocheting enough cats to take new photos for my custom toy cat listings. Sales have historically been constant between the colorful (pink!) cats and the more traditional cats (orange tabby or white). But it’s so much fun to dream up new color combinations. Color makes me happy!

Pure Wool

I try to live a healthy lifestyle. Natural foods, physical activity, vegetarianism, moderation, and meditation are important to me.

While committed to using natural fibers – primarily super soft wool yarn – to make my dolls and toys, I’ve decided that it’s time to take it one step further. As a result, all of the newly created items in my Etsy shop will be stuffed with 100% wool. In addition, wool stuffing will be standard on all custom listings.

I have decided to use pure virgin wool, where no dyes, bleaches, fire retardants, or other chemicals are used in the processing of the wool. Wool is natural, biodegradable, naturally fire retardant and it stays fluffy with use. Wool also inhibits the growth of bacteria and doesn’t hold moisture, causing mold.

Since making the switch, I’ve noticed several changes. My toys feel softer, warmer, and more cuddly. I’ve made several for my daughters to test the durability of the wool stuffing, and the toys have withstood the test of lots of loving!

Did You Know

Rainbow Owls

Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament?

My studio is on the way to being filled with a psychedelic parliament of my own creation. These little plush owls are so much fun to make that I can’t seem to stop. The more colorful, the better!

Shades of Pink Owl

Custom listings include the option to choose either a baby toy or a toy for child. Both are similar designs, but the baby toy has a rattle and black embroidered eyes for safety. The child’s toy has black safety eyes and no rattle.

Rainbow Blue Owl

Look for more to come in my Etsy shop!

Welcome to Snowfall Studio

Hi there! Welcome to Snowfall Studio, a place to find sweet and sturdy handmade toys!

As an artisan and a mom, my goal is to create toys that are soft, colorful, and durable. I design my own patterns, and I am committed to using natural fibers. Every Snowfall Studio plushie is crocheted, hand sewn, and hand embroidered by me in my small studio.

Choosing handmade is awesome because of the personal connection between the customer and the craftsperson. My customers are invited to personalize their orders in a way that is meaningful to them, through choosing unique colors and/or altering the design.

More Snowfall Studio designs are available in my Etsy shop.

Please feel free to contact me to request a special order. Together let’s create a heirloom that is as unique and special as your child!

Thank you for visiting Snowfall Studio!
♥ Kristen

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