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Rainbow Hedgehog

There are 15 species of hedgehog. Plus this newly identified version.


This rainbow hedgehog was identified by my youngest daughter. At age 9, she is an animal lover and aspiring veterinarian. She is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys creating elaborate houses for crickets and planting shrubs which will attract butterflies. When I initially designed my hedgehog pattern, she suggested creating a colorful one.


While I prefer the natural hedgie, switching it up a little was a fun challenge. It’s important to keep life interesting!


Striped Cats

Last night, my son & I watched the movie The Hunger Games. If you’ve seen it, you know that it is a very tense movie. I found myself crocheting furiously, in tempo with the action scenes. Heh. Apparently I’ve stumbled across the secret to getting more accomplished in a day – adrenaline!

Stripey Cats

With my slightly obsessive personality, I’m currently addicted to crocheting these cute kitties. Mostly in a stripey pattern and often with a rainbow of colors.

Rainbow Cat

Look for lots of stripes in my online shop!

Gray Cat

The cat pattern has been slightly updated and improved, so I’m working on crocheting enough cats to take new photos for my custom toy cat listings. Sales have historically been constant between the colorful (pink!) cats and the more traditional cats (orange tabby or white). But it’s so much fun to dream up new color combinations. Color makes me happy!