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Parenting Teens

Parenting teens can be brutal marvelous for the ego.

Recently I was conducting a photo session for the newest batch of crocheted toys while my two teenage sons were loitering nearby. Having long ago exhausted the fun of mocking me for photographing stuffed animals, they were instead conversing about school. Until I pulled out this little penguin.

“Hey!” my youngest boy exclaimed with a smile, “You actually made something cute!”

Yep… with this kind of support at home, who needs positive reviews??


Rainbow Hedgehog

There are 15 species of hedgehog. Plus this newly identified version.


This rainbow hedgehog was identified by my youngest daughter. At age 9, she is an animal lover and aspiring veterinarian. She is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys creating elaborate houses for crickets and planting shrubs which will attract butterflies. When I initially designed my hedgehog pattern, she suggested creating a colorful one.


While I prefer the natural hedgie, switching it up a little was a fun challenge. It’s important to keep life interesting!


Waldorf Style

Waldorf style embroidered faces are my favorite when creating a toy or a doll. However after recently ordering black safety eyes for the first time, I’m having fun playing with them.

Hedgehog In Progress

This little hedgehog started to emerge while I was trying out the new safety eyes and the popcorn stitch.


When this little fellow was complete, my youngest daughter fell in love with him. She had the idea to start a new line of toys based on hedgehogs. She insists that the demand is high for technicolor hedgehogs and mini hedgies on backpack clips!